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DrinkingVinegar will be launched in UK, on Amazon UK - before Christmas 2012.

My website is about testing Drinking Vinegar for Health Benefits!!!
Since the outbreak of SARS in Asia back in early 2000, Drinking Vinegar sales increased 100 fold and what we see today is a serious trend to protect our immune systems, a fashion to remain healthy, vibrant and full of vitality.
It’s a cool trend to be with those that care about health it’s even cooler to help and support others in their conquest for knowledge!!!
I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all our consumers that are supporting the drive for a better healthier lifestyle with drinkingvinegar! Please bookmark and share drinkingvinegar.com with your friends. Only together can we succeed in educating the population in health and wellness.
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New Product launch! Green Apple Sparkling Winegar & Sparkling Peach Winegar non-alcoholic health drinks! For those that enjoy to socialize in Bars, Nightclubs, Hotels, we have what it takes to make you healthy! Launched end of August 2007. and Sold in Carrefour
These drinks can be used for the foundation of any cocktail drinks, the essence of sorghum fruit vinegars enhance the true flavour experience, of mixing drinks to help prevent obesity. Health is our concern! Check out The New Sparkling Vinegar Products!!!

100% Natural Health Drink for all the family, No artificial colouring, No additives and safe for all children over the age of 3 to drink all day, every day. I put them through the testing phase and rate them 5 stars, for the entertainment industry, night clubs, bars, parties, MIXERS & SHAKERS..try the green apple, with crushed ice, with a dash of Mint & Grenadine, a mind blower..like icicles through your body, with a tantalising, tangy taste of sweet & sour green apples, add a dash of Vodka and WHAM BAM BOO!

Although remember we are talking health & wellness, here, so easy on the old Alcohol right!!!

DRINKING VINEGAR is scientifically proven to promote health and wellness, source information can be searched on the internet or in the links page.
Then compare drinkingvinegar with other beverages in the market place and think carefully about the ingrediants the next time you purchase soft drinks for your family!!! Children love Drinking Vinegar’s rich fruit tangy taste!!! and I can drink them all day and every day too!.

To aid digestion and to eliminate heart burn, drink with meals. Save money on doctors bills, Change your life style with healthy drinking vinegar, which I will be testing the most effective flavours for quality of ingredients, age of vinegars, and benefits, that are beneficial to health & wellness

News Flash 21/09/2006. Antiglycemic Effect of vinegar is positive! Research shows, that drinking vinegar with meals does cut the spikes in blood sugar, which is very good news for diabetes patients! Click here
Drinking Vinegar is the fashion of today, it’s cool, trendy, and a pure vitality boosting tonic designed to strengthen your immune system and stimulate your metabolism. The perfect weight loss aid!

For more than 3000 thousands years the Chinese tradition of drinking vinegar evolved into a folklore of mystical medicine, that was traditionally surrounded with having magical qualities.
The last 30 years study of drinking vinegar represents a break through in today’s environmental polluted society to improve health, by strengthening the immune system and flushing out radicle toxins.

Our forefathers, knew only to well the facts, that drinking vinegar cures and prevents illness. they believed it to be some form of magical potion, it wasn’t until Dr. Adolf Krebs in 1953 won the noble prize, for his discovery of the Citric Acid Cycle, the proof, was finally discovered, again in 1964 Dr. Feodor Felix Konrad Lynen made another important discovery to win also the Nobel Prize on the immune system!!!!

I will leave that for you all to find out, because you will only think this is sales talk. But you can research all details on www.wikipedia.com take your time, the results are there under their names and also under metabolism, BMR. If you want to lose weight or fat read the page on fat burning!!!

This must be the most healthiest drink on the planet, it’s sporty refreshing, and all natural and believe it or not, its full of natures medicinal benefits, can you honestly say that about other drinks on the market?

Healthy Lifestyles starts here, with Drinking Vinegar!

The drink’s come in 12 different flavours to suit all consumers. DinkingVinegar’s complement all meals Asian and Western and the kids love them too!. 100% safe for children and essential for their growth and development. Our drinking vinegar drinks are nature’s goodness with less than 2% acetic acid content, no taste of vinegar!

All humans consume acids every single day through their normal diets without understanding how healthy the acids are for the functions of the body. The body needs 8 essential acids,which are essential to all life, so please do not be so ignorant of the facts and learn with us.

These acids are essential to a childs growth and development and will help adults maintain the functions they are supposed to like high-grade energy, clean healthy looking skin, beautiful nails, the passing of stools, the anti oxidant effects which may prevent cancers and tumour growth! Read the functions of the Amino acids!