Drinking Vinegar’s

Many vinegars are brewed from aged brown rice for the benefits from Amino acids and fruit juice, fermented together with no added sugar or artificial additives. The brewing process takes approximately six months of fermentation to 1 year. Normally the longer the fermentation the more costly the beverage. Asia is well known for health vinegar production and Japan are renowned for their manual production of rice fruit vinegars, which are extremely expensive due to labour costs.

Chen drinking vinegars use state of the art bio technology in their vinegar production of any fruit base material however PCC only use those fruits which have the highest amount of beneficial goodness. PCC vinegars are the only ones that have been independently tested by Professor Fereidoon Shahidi Department of Biochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Phytochemicals of foods, beverages and fruit vinegars: chemistry and health effects

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Without a doubt the best drinking vinegar in the world for healthy lifestyle change is a refreshing, tasty and tangy beverage you can enjoy, reaping the healthy phytochemicals of the fruits, which are enhanced through the fermentation process.


3 Kinds of Vinegar exist

Pure brewed Vinegar which is the best!

Synthetic Vinegar, which is a chemical process

Mixed Vinegar which is a blend of the two above.


100% naturally brewed and organically fermented fruit Vinegar is the purest Vinegar one can find! Only the purest of vinegars will do, for the new cells of the human body. Highly effective to prevent illness, by strengthening the immune system and stimulating ones metabolism, So that one feels vitality, fit and healthy all day long!

Two Nobel Prize Winners!
The first time in 1953, the winner of the Nobel Prize was Doctor Krebs, who proved that vinegar is the thing absolutely needed by T. C. A. Cycle. http://nobelprize.org/medicine/laureates/1953/krebs-bio.html Citric Acid cycle, is the natural benefits achieved of vinegar fermentation
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Adolf_Krebs The metabolic pathways are activated by drinking vinegar, Pyruvate acid is also part of the citric acid cycle, Beware of the supplement scams, there is a big difference between 149$ for 180 Pyruvate tablets and the price of drinking vinegar, both of which are required to kick-start the citric acid cycle, but through nutrition pyruvate is already supplied, think of vinegar as the building block to health and wellness and it tastes great!

In the second time in 1964, the winners were American Professor Boroho and German professor Feodor Felix Konrad Lynen, Biochemist, who proved that vinegar can promote the secretion of adrenal cortical hormone and treat the adult disease most effectively.”Activated Acetic Acid Pathway” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feodor_Lynen

NO SCAMS factual scientific evidence, that drinking special brewed vinegars actually benefit the human body by enhancing the immune system and stimulating the metabolic pathways, building strong defences against diseases ( A 3000 year old Chinese tradition ) excellent for children, they can drink all day every day, without getting upset tummy, due to the special controlled acetic acid content in our drink’s, it is quite safe to drink within moderation, and encouraged to drink with all meals.

To help food digestion and to prevent heart burn. When compared to all soft drinks in the market place, Drinking Vinegar is a pure healthy winner for breaking down fatty acids, reducing cholesterol, and is needed in the component structure to open the metabolic pathways.

The origin of brewing vinegar was as early in history as brewing wine. Several thousand years ago, the vinegar was not only used for seasoning food, but also according to many historical records, was used to prevent and treat illness at home and abroad.
3,500 years ago, the vinegar was believed to have mystical effects in treating various diseases and illness.

It was known as the healthy drug to prevent and treat diseases, but at that time people only knew the facts without knowing why! Until 1953 and 1964, Dr. Adolf Krebs, British Physicist, discovered the theory of T.C.A. Cycle (tricarboxylic acid), which proved that the organic acid in brewing vinegar is the thing absolutely needed in the function of replacing the old with the new inside the human body, and so he won the Nobel prize for that year.

In 1964, American professor Boroho and German professor Lynen again won the Nobel prizes of that year, of which their theories proved that the vinegar can promote the production of the adrenal cortical hormone, so that our body can develop the natural effect of treating disease (like producing antibody to strengthen the self-protecting function the body naturally has). Consequently, the importance of vinegar in keeping health has been gradually paid attention to by the scientists and biochemist’s around the world.

Please email us more information you discover on the benefits of drinking vinegar, or recipes for treating illness with vinegar and we will add them to our museum archive of data.

The amino acid power drinks! drinking vinegar!!!! The body fuel and supplement for long life and good health

Vinegar Effects

Eliminate Fatigue

Stimulate Adrenal Cortical = Prevent disease

Beautify Countenance

Neutralise Alcohol

Assist Digestion

Kill Plaque Bacilli, Dysentery Bacilli, and Fungi

Enhances Immune system and maintains a healthy body

Kills Many Viruses

Effective metabolic Stimulator

Reduces cholesterol and breaks down Fatty Acids